Example: Winter-Events

Yes, it could happen: Suddenly it’s winter! Crazy! But you can prepare yourself for many difficult situations on the street. You could do a “winter event”, an event that combine fun and positive emotions with usefulness.

Here an example for such a winter event including prices, duration and content.

Name of the event: Winter event with teambuilding
Number of participants: 50
Number of groups: 5
Duration: 7 hours
Costs: approx. EUR 280,- per person (plus VAT); rental cars already included but without catering

Station 1 – Arrival and welcome
After a high quality finger food from our own gastronomy we divide the participants into smaller groups. All groups will experience the same activities during the coming day.

Station 2 – Highlights of our car training
All groups manage the following challenges:

  • to control the car after passing our dynamic plate
  • to drive some passages with low friction surface (like snow)
  • to avoid computer controlled water hindrances
  • quick lane changes on different surfaces

Station 3 – Teambuilding through competition
Every participant is driving a certain course which is marked with cones. The goal: To be as fast as possible and to minimise “errors” – e.g. touching the cones, missing a gate or missing a mark we paint on the road. So not the fastest but the skilled and smartest driver will win.

Station 4 – Closing with dinner
After we serve you a delicious dinner we celebrate the winners of the competition.

The result of the event: Winter could be really mean fun!