Example: Teambuilding

You need a good example how we do an event for teambuilding? Here you are – with prize and flow.

Customer: medium sized company
Timeframe: 10 – 17 o’clock
Number of participants: 30
Number of groups: 2
Costs: approx. EUR 250.- per person (excl. VAT)

Station 1 – Arrival and Welcome
During a breakfast in one of our workshop rooms the guests are learning both the programme of the event and the trainers in charge. After that we form two smaller groups that will stay together for the rest of the day.

Station 2 – Blindfolded Tournament
A driver will pass a parcours without seeing anything – reliable only to the co-driver while following his or hers instructions regarding direction and speed. So it’s up to the co-driver to communicate precisely, understandable and at the right time. If the co-driver fails to these tasks the driver will fail, too. Key factors here are trust and communication. Plus – of course – the skills of the driver to hear, understand, and drive.

Station 3 – Ability Tournament with Timekeeping The participants are split into teams of two. The participants have to drive a route prepared with cones. The first task is to turn around the car in a marked space, then to pass a small corridor and finally break at a certain point. Every “job” needs to be done without touching the cones, not to miss the braking-point and of course, as fast as possible. After the first turn the team will change their seats because the co-driver has to try to match the same time. Regularly not the fastest team but the drivers with the best overview regarding the route will win the competition.

Station 4 – Elements of the Car Training
Out of the car-training element “driving and breaking on wet and slippery roads” we develop the exciting contest “the fastest curve possible”. In teams of two every participant depends on the respective partner. What are they asked for: To drive a curve – very slippery and marked with cones – as fast as possible without touching anything. Both results will be summed up to know the best team.

In between: All guests are enjoying a high quality lunch at our in-house gastronomy.