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Fuel-saving technology: MD eco | MD log | ZDB log

True is: saving fuel is boring and fuel-saving training doesn’t sound sexy.

But it is also true: fuel is becoming more and more expensive, a fleet must always become more efficient, vehicle wear must decrease and drivers urgently need less stress at the wheel!

Both are correct. So our solution is called: "Modern Drive Technology"! More precisely "MD eco"! A flight recorder for the car. Here, MD eco refers to a technical aid that is intended to make "New Driving" easier for you.

Devices for recording CO² and fuel consumption, gear changes or acceleration values have been around for a long time – so we’d like to tell you what’s different about MD eco …

The main difference is that it was developed specifically for fuel-saving or eco-training! MD eco is not designed by and for technology freaks – quite the opposite: working with the data after the trips is intuitive and easy! And with the right driving style, it’s even fun …

The training process in detail:
Up to three participants drive two tours with a trainer – the first one completely without instructions, i.e. the way the driver always drives – the second tour then comes with instructions, i.e. tips on how to reduce consumption that are easy to understand and can also be implemented immediately. And what does MD eco do in the meantime? It records everything in real time …

This is followed by a joint analysis of the MD eco memory card in the computer: 

  • The data from both journeys are superimposed.
  • The differences between the old and new driving styles become visible.
  • The effects of the trainer instructions become transparent.
  • The actual savings in fuel or CO² are available in black and white.

The operation is so easy that you could even organize a small fuel-saving competition for your team: Who will be the winner in minimum consumption?

Professional solution for the fleet manager!
But the focus is certainly on the benefits for fleet managers who want to reduce running costs with clever training tips for their drivers and sophisticated technology. And for fuel consumption, this means a permanent reduction of up to 30%!

Of course, we also have a further solution for fleets:
With the permanent installation of a black box (MD log) for permanent recording of all data! This way, the driving style of an employee can be completely documented and the next training can be perfectly adapted to the driver by means of data analysis. I.e. in which situations are the consumption values too high or perhaps the acceleration values too extreme, so that weaknesses in the driving style become apparent?

Central database!
Central to the long-term benefits, all driving data recorded by the MD log is transferred to the central database ZDB log. Once recorded by the database, the web-based evaluation software allows each fleet manager to view the trip data via the Internet, around the clock.

This system shows new ways in controlling fleets: For sustainable cost reduction and fewer accidents through "New Driving"!

Does that sound sexy enough now?

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