Car Trainings

The car training is both: The classical product of an safety driving centre and the foundation of multiple forms of events.
For most people the participation in a training alone is a great experience which will last in their memory for quite a long time. And not to forget: After all the exercises they will be better drivers, too.

The goals of the training:

  • Better driving competence
  • To know the limits of driver and car
  • To get a sense for the limits and risks in traffic

The content of the training, e.g.

  • To understand the physics of a car
  • Emergency breaking on different road conditions
  • Slalom and avoiding obstacles (water fountains)
  • Breaking and avoiding obstacles in an endless curve
  • To know the perfect sitting posture, how to handle the steering wheel, and to secure the loading
  • What to do when the car is over- or understeering
  • To stabilise an uncontrolled car

Please always have in mind: We have one of the best driving centres in Europe with perfect conditions on the tracks. But the most important reason a training is special and effective are the instructors. Without them the best technical equipment would be worthless!

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