Example: Sales Force

Here you find an example for a sales force event – including prices and an exemplary flow of the event.

Client: Sales force of an electronics company
Timeframe: 9:00 – 17:00
Number of participants: 12
Number of groups: 1
Costs: approx. EUR 195,- (plus VAT) per person, without rental cars and catering

Station 1 – Arrival, welcome and first important information
After the welcome our instructor asks the participants on their individual experiences and problems regarding their daily driving. Beside our full equipped seminar rooms we also have small schooling rooms at every track – there we provide some more important physical knowledge.

Station 2 – Correct sitting posture
The right sitting posture, good steering technics and to have the traffic around always in sight are basic elements for save driving. The first activity to practice all these things is a slalom on wet and slippy ground.

Station 3 –Emergency braking on different surfaces
What is an emergency braking look like? To brake fast and hard as possible to manage the shortest braking distance. No matter if the road is dry, wet or slippery like on snow.

Station 4 – Circle driving in an “endless curve”
The Driving Camp has an “endless curve” with a diameter of about 80 meter, partly with a snow like surface. What is the circle mainly for: Over- and understeering of the cars.

Station 5 – Avoiding automated water hindrances
Do you know automated water fountains on a normal road? We have them! And that’s not all. These obstacles are in the mid of a really icy road. So you can practise difficult steering exercises!

Station 6 – Dynamic plate
Without a doubt the highlight of a day full of experiences! With our “plate” we bring your car out of control and you have to stabilise it again! But no worry: Everything is under our full control so a driver can really practise “trial and error”. Till one can handle the situation bring the car back under control.

Station 7 – Ability tournament
After the fun with the dynamic plate the next step is also very thrilling. The ability tournament! Every participant is driving a certain course which is marked with cones. The goal: To be as fast as possible and to minimise “errors” – e.g. touching the cones, missing a gate or missing a mark we paint on the road. So not the fastest but the skilled and smartest driver will win.
We promise: This tournament means teambuilding at it’s best

Last station – Feedback, certificate and award ceremony
All experiences of the day leaves the participants with many topics to discuss. Our trainer will kindly answer all questions. After that all attendees get the official certifications and the “best” drivers of the tournament will be honoured! If wished with some nice trophies.

By the way: Of course our restaurant serves all your wishes. No matter if a rich breakfast, a delicious lunch or a buffet of fingerfood for dinner. Let us simply know your wishes.