Off-Road Area

Briefly our off-road-modules:

  • 6 hectare wide area
  • Up and down rock-climbing road with adjustable waterfall
  • Huge stone-stairs, various kinds of gravel ramps
  • Hydraulic adjustable wade-basin with lowerable base plate for simulating river crossing
  • Extreme up- und downhill, up to 100% incline (concret and/or gravel)
  • Three humps back-to-back to train extreme ups und downs
  • Abridge tracks with different difficulty level
  • Cross-inclined hump including obstacle course
  • Off-road lodge with beautiful panoramic view

For what is all this? To have fun. To feel the adrenaline. To learn off-road!

Basic facts for your event:

  • Capacity for vehicles: 20 cars within an event. That means max. 60 participants when 2-3 people are driving one car.
  • Max. amount of people in the area when the off-road hut is also used: approx. 180
  • What about gastronomy: We can set it inside the hut. Or you use the restaurant in the main-building in five minutes walking distance.
  • When do we do events: Whole year!
  • Are there limits during a day? Yes. Without having floodlights daylight is necessary.

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A waterfall that runs with the press of a button? Yes! With big rocks as obstacles to drive up- or downhill. A real challenge for every off-road car. And driver!

Wade Basin for "River Crossing" 

The next technical highlight at our off-road site: A wade basin for cars that we can adjust hydraulically in the height. So we can simulate a low-level or a deeper river.

Roller Path

Differential lock and traction control. Both you can test on our device with two "lanes" – equipped with rolls to drive on. Plus plates that can cover parts of the rolls.