Quad Track

What exactly are quads? Maybe something between motorcycles and cross buggies? What’s obvious is the fun of the driver. To drift on gravel and to compete on our track to become the fastest. Not to forget the easiness to learn and drive the vehicles within minutes. All in all enough to qualify for our incentive portfolio.


  • 850 meter gravel parcours
  • Modern quads with 17hp
  • Professional instructors provide safety and fun
  • Computer controlled timekeeping for qualifying and race

We gladly combine an quad race with other activities like kart, off-road or car contests.

More key-facts:

  • Regular number of quads: 7
  • Capacity: Up to 35 people per hour possible (in a rotating manner)
  • Equipment: Helmet, overall, and gloves
  • Gastronomy: Possible next to the track, five minutes on foot to the main gastronomy
  • Season: From April till October
  • During the day: Dependent on daylight (no floodlight)

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