Hydraulic Ramp

Can a "ramp" blame ESP, ABS and ASR?

Sure! These vehicle technologies are great, no question. But we want everyone to be able to experience first-hand what it means to have entered a curve too quickly, to react incorrectly when faced with an obstacle, or to turn the steering wheel tou suddenly and quickly due to inattention.

In addition to the existing technical refinements, we are now outsmarting the vehicle technology with our hydraulic ramp as well as computer-controlled "bumps". In this way we give you the chance to exceed the limits of the driver and those of the vehicle.

The computer-controlled hydraulic ramp as an example: Combined with our proven dynamic plate, it causes the ESP to reach its limits. This development by our competence partner – Technische Hydraulikgeräte GmbH – relieves the load on the rear axle and so reduces the contact of the wheels with the road and the effectiveness of the ESP.

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