Training and Schooling

Schoolings are needed in every industry. And in most cases they don’t sound very funny or emotional thrilling. But everyone knows: More fun and emotions will increase every schooling effect! That’s where we come into the game.

We suggest: The combination of theory in the seminar room and extraordinary activities in our outdoor area!

Our infrastructure for theoretical workshops: Fully equipped rooms for 10, 20 or even 50 people. For more space we can provide our halls with 400 and 750 m².

Our infrastructure for outdoor activities: Tracks for all kinds of vehicles, an area for off-road cars, tracks for go-kart, ATV and cross-buggies, a jet-ski lake, a course for segways and fields for paintball.

So you can arrange a day like this: 1. Start with a breakfast in our restaurant. 2. workshop for four hours. 3. lunch. 4. the best of the car-training, a car-tournament and a go-kart race. 5. coffee and cake plus an award ceremony to finish the day in our main building.

By the way: If you are looking for a really special way to do a workshop that focus on communication and interpersonal topics – what about our very special “car dealer simulation”? It’s located in our hall 2 and consists all working places you would also find at a “real” car dealer: E.g. with a welcome area, showroom for cars, customer lounge, the place where the repairman takes over the cars and a department for spare parts.

In such a simulation facility a team can “play” different roles, test their communicational skills or show their status of teamwork. With the own experiences as regular visitors of a car dealer most people can put themselves in the position of such a dealer employee and therefore know the most typical processes. So: When do you have analysed your workflow processes last time? For more info regarding this simulation please click here.

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