Paintball Park

Paintball is action, adrenaline, and sport! It’s also teambuilding or a game with a lot of strategic elements.

E.g. “capture the flag”: Two teams have to get the flag of the other team. Important is not only to be good with the “gun”, but to coordinate the team members, to get each of them a certain role on the field, to know the terrain, and to communicate in a clever way. All this while the players will experiencing a huge chunk of positive stress!

And one is for sure: It’s really exhausting!

What we guarantee:
Professional personnel give a detailed briefing, oversee the fields permanently, and care for overalls and masks to protect everyone from the markers.

Key facts:

  • Number of different fields: 7 on 50.000m²
  • Capacity: Approx. 12 participants at every field (in rotation 200 people at one time are possible)
  • Duration per game: Between 10 and 60 minutes
  • Equipment: Marker, “bullets”, helmet, overall, gloves
  • Gastronomy: Possible next to the fields, five minutes on foot to the main gastronomy
  • Season: From March till October (no floodlight)
  • During the day: Dependent on daylight (no floodlight)

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