Entrance Hall


Event Hall 1


Event Hall 2


Service Box & Car Wash


Off-Road Hut


Kart Restaurant


Jet-Ski Bar


"Every event needs a special center of attraction!" That is our philosophy for successful events in Pachfurth.

The high quality and multi-flexible facility invites your guests to product-presentations, trainings or celebrations. Beside our eventful outdoor area our main building provides all necessary requirements.

Building facts:

Entrance Hall:
320m² in-house-area, height 7 meter, room (gastronomy) for up to 150 persons

Event Hall 1:

  • More than 400m² area – height 7 meter
  • Room darkening possible, accessible for passenger cars and trucks
  • Capacity with seating for up to 210 persons
  • Gallery 90m², e.g. for separate catering
  • Training-room 70m², for up to 60 persons
  • Crane-lift for 5t total weight, lift-table for 1t weight

Event Hall 2:

  • More than 750m² area – height 7 meter
  • Room darkening possible, accessible (through 3 gates) for passenger cars and trucks
  • Capacity with seating for up to 600 persons
  • Gallery 90m², e.g. for separate catering
  • Training-room 80m², for up to 60 persons
  • Crane-lift for 10t total weight

Conference Rooms:

Five conference rooms (40 – 80 m²) and a separate office for your event-communication.

Our restaurant "Pole-Position" is situated in the welcome-hall and covers food selections from small fingerfood to gala-dinner – freshly prepared granted!

Eleven containers for schooling (18 m²) at all tracks, separate garage-hall (70m²), car-wash, presentation media and sound system in entrance hall, roller-shutter gates in both halls, off-road-logde with terrace for up to 50 persons.

We always offer the right atmosphere for your event!

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Entrance Hall

Welcome in our entrance hall! A hall with a high quality design and a lot of space and sunlight. By the way: Some seminar rooms and our event hall 1 are located adjacent to this hall.

Event Hall 1

More than 400m² area which is accessible by cars and even trucks. Plus a seminar room, an own space for catering, a big gate with a link to the parking lot, a lift table, and even a crane which can carry up to 5 tons.

Event Hall 2

Event hall 1 is not enough? Then take our second hall with 700m², a seminar room and a crane which can carry 10 tons. But now you need a lot of people to fill the area …

Seminar Room

We offer seminar rooms in all of our three halls. All with daylight, and some of them with the possibility to darken it completely. Furthermore we have a small room at all tracks outside.

Event Offices

Please feel welcome at our site. You can use our reception-desk and the office in the backspace of it. This means perfect conditions to manage your own event.

Seminar Container

We have eleven air-conditioned seminar containers. These function as small seminar rooms, among other things.

Service Box & Car Wash

Our servicebox gives space for up to two cars. Though it’s not a garage you can change tires or repair small damages. Furthermore we offer a car-wash plant.

Off-Road Hut

In between the off-road area a rustic log hut delivers space for some gastronomic services – e.g. a barbecue – or even a workshop that shall be given in an unusual environment.

Kart Restaurant

What about a barbecue with the sound of a go-kart race which you can watch on? In any case: A very special atmosphere for both guests and drivers.

Jet-Ski Bar

Not nearly as loud as at the kart track but more relaxing. With deck chairs, parasols, and cocktails. So: If the weather is fine we promise: Authentic beach-feeling at the jet-ski bar.


The Driving Camp has several prominent possibilities to stage your brand or event motto.