Driving Safety Center (On-Road Modules)

What about our on-road-modules?
Approx. 100.000 m² area, 15 km tarmac roads and 1 km wet-handling track. All in all eight different modules – manifold and multifunctional.

Why multifunctional? Because all important technical devices can be found on most tracks and are applicable for nearly every vehicle. For example:

  • Worldwide patented low-friction surfaces
  • Computer controlled water obstacles
  • Hydraulic slide-machines for different vehicles
  • Sprinklers for all tracks
  • Speed-measurement- and display system
  • Multistage floodlights and illuminated water-obstacles
  • Air-conditioned training rooms at tracks

Basic facts for your event:

  • Group capacity: Up to eight groups at a time (size: 5 – 25 people each).
  • If there are more than 500 people at a time? We organize a “free” event-flow, so the “if” and “when” of activities are chosen by the guests themselves.
  • What about gastronomy? There are three fully equipped restaurants spread over the site.
  • When do we have events? Whole year!
  • Are there limits during a day? No, we have floodlights!

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Slide Machines

Three different hydraulic slide machines for cars, vans, trucks, busses and even for motorcycles. You better see that live at our site!

Hydraulic Ramp

Developed and build in Pachfurth, the hydraulic ramp even brings vehicles with the most modern stability programme out of control.

Water Obstacles 

Water obstacles in a modern driving center are quiet normal. But at our site they are "better" than normal, i.e. very high and powerful – and so our trainings are even more effective.

Bump Roads 

Having bumps on a road with the press of a button? Yes. Here it is possible. And why? To get a vehicle out of control while driving in an endless curve.


If in a curve or not … nobody wants to get in the condition of aquaplaning. But here you get the chance to test it under absolut safe circumstances.


It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle … if the surface is wet or dry … our handlingtrack offers an exciting course to have a great experience for every kind of driver.

Track Test

The test drivers from some Austrian car magazines are always excited! May be you are also interested to use a telemetry recorder for own documentations?

Real Free Wheelie-Trainer

A real motorcycle on a really impressive construction. To test and learn the "wheelie"! But without the risk of falling down or damage the bike. What an innovation!

Modern Drive

More than an on-board computer we mainly use it for our eco-trainings. To catch, compare, document and learn from all data a vehicle delivers while driving.

Plan of tracks

What is where and where is what? An overview of all tracks of the Driving Camp. Of course with legend and explanations.