Example: Corporate Event

Here you find an example for a corporate event – including prices and an exemplary flow of the event.

Client: Personnel of a consulting Company
Timeframe: 10:00 – 21:00
Number of participants: 120
Number of groups: 6
Costs: approx. EUR 275,- per person (plus VAT)

Start – Arrival and welcome

During a breakfast at our own restaurant the guests learn the programme of the day plus all instructors in charge. After that we divide the participants into smaller groups so we can handle them more easily.

Station 1 – Paintball
We play “capture the flag”, i.e. two groups try to reach a flag in the middle of a large field as fast as possible. Who will be too careless or too courageous? Who will be marked by the balls and will be out? Which group developed the best strategy? Many, many adrenalin is guaranteed!

Station 2 – Go-Kart-Race

On a large go-kart racetrack every group is having a qualification and a race. For most of us this is a dream come true: To be a racedriver!

Station 3 – Cross Buggy Race
Like go-kart everyone will do a qualification and a race. But in a cage! And on gravel. What an awesome feeling. What really counts: Drifting, overtaking and the fight for the fastest laps.

The groups are having a healthy lunch at our restaurant. Enjoy!

Station 4 – Off-Road-Trial
Your task: To drive through our off-road area but without touching elements we place alongside the course. Plus: To fulfil some "jobs" during the round. E.g. the co-driver have to put a tennis ball onto a bar – but without leaving the car.

Station 5 – Volleyball
Next to the jet-ski lake the participants play volleyball – as a kind of distraction from all the motor related activities. And even if your last volleyball game was in school-time, the fun comes back immediately.

Station 6 – Jet-Ski experience
You may know them from the beach you were during the last holiday. But we have them at our Driving Camp, too! Yamaha jet-skis with 70hp. And a lake to drive them of course. Try it out: May be you are good enough to "stand" the jet ski’s! That’s the goal.

Closing – Barbecue and award ceremony
All guests stay at the lake and we start the barbecue! We promise to build a holiday like atmosphere. And not forget: We will award the winners of the different competitions with some nice trophies.

What it the result of the event?
A corporate event has mainly one goal: To celebrate the company! Which means all people from the trainees to the CEO. Such an event can create a new sense of solidarity and will develop the company as a whole. To support this goal we encourage to take as much photos as possible or even shoot a film of the event. So the whole company can benefit from the positive impressions long term.

Please have in mind: If you need an individual offer we manage that within 24 hours.