Examples of Events at Driving Camp Pachfurth

On this page you find some examples of events we typically offer here at the Driving Camp.
Get a better view how we arrange events and what we calculate.

But please have in mind:
These are examples only. Parameters like content, amount of people, timeframe and duration, or the catering are flexible, i.e. up to your wishes.

Example: Company Outing

e.g. 50 guests have a lecture, fly drones themselves and compete on the quad for the fastest laps.

Example: Incentive

e.g. for 50 people with go-kart, segway, circuit driving and off-road.

Example: Corporate Event:

e.g. a whole bunch of action for 120 guests with paintball, jet ski, cross buggy, trial driving and kart.

Example: Teambuilding:

e.g. for 30 people with competitions, a workshop and activities to train communication.

Example: Sales Force Training 

e.g. for 12 people with the highlights of the car training and a competition to encourage teambuilding.

Example: Seminar & Drive:

e.g. for 20 people with seminar plus parts of the car training and catering.

Example: Winter Events  

e.g. for 30 or 50 people with car training and teambuilding.

Example: Sport Events

e.g. for small and large groups with circuit driving, track test or co-piloting.

Example: "Drive & Coffee"

e.g. for 12 people with aromatic delights and training elements.