Example: Company Outing

Here you find an example for a company outing – including prices and an exemplary flow of the event.

Client: Manufacturer of sport items
Timeframe: 10:00 – 19:00
Number of participants: 50
Number of groups: 4
Costs: approx. EUR 390,- per person (plus VAT)

Welcome and speech/ talk
The guests are getting welcomed in our hall with a snack – after that the workshop of the client will start. If needed we kindly organise a stage, beamer, screen and acoustics.

Afterwards we serve a high quality lunch before we ourselves come into play! We start with the formation of four groups and a short briefing on safety regulations.

Station 1 – Flying drones and driving with the sports car simulator
Three quadrocopters are waiting for their action! Only after a few minutes the participants will be able to fly them through our parkour. Even for the bystanders this is absolute fascinating.

At the same time the rest of the group deal with our simulator – that means they use a „motion seat“. Together with virtual reality glasses. All of what are the preconditions to "race" around a virtual track in a sports car!

Station 2 – Quad-Race
On a long and curvy gravel track every group do a qualification and then a race against the clock. Now it counts: Drifting, overtaking and the fight for the fastest laps.
In the meantime: Coffee, cake and plunder at our own gastronomy.

Station 3 – Car training (highlights)
Water fountains suddenly shoot out of the ground, and that on a slippery road. So: Steer quickly and avoid the hindrances! Some rounds later there is our dynamic plate getting the rear of your car to swing to the side. Sounds dangerous? Yes, if you were in the real traffic. But here? No. Not at all. It’s the other way round: It means a lot of fun. And on top every driver learn something important for their safety.

Station 4 – Ability tournament with cars
On a very large on-road-module prepared with traffic cones a competition is done where all participants are asked to proof their driving-skills. This parkour includes different challenges and the participants drive against time. Not the fastest, but mainly those with a good overview win. An ability tournament is fun for both: The driver and the audience.

Closing – Dinner and award ceremony
The groups are returning to our hall – to celebrate themselves! During a nice dinner we award the winners of the different competitions.

What it the result of the event?
Such events are a good opportunity for a company to say "thank you" to their employees. One result is certain: A positive memory for all participants regarding the fun, the competitions and the valuable experience they have had.

Please have in mind: If you need an individual offer we manage that within 24 hours.