Slide Machines

The hydraulic dynamic plate – also known as the "Slide Machine". What can it do, what is it for?

In order to bring a sliding vehicle back under control, you would have to practice this situation very, very often. But how can you safely practice a situation that is dangerous for the driver? No problem at Driving Camp Pachfurth.

After driving over the plate, it literally pulls the rear of a car, van or truck the road under the wheels. Your car begins to spin. Now it is up to you  to regain control or at least come to a safe stop … So much for the theory, the practice is waiting for you in Pachfurth!

The Driving Camp has three different slide machines:

  • For cars: The trainer can determine both the strength and the speed of the plate by computer technology. For maximum learning effect – but also for maximum fun behind the wheel. Because after the slide machine there are still a number of water obstacles waiting to be mastered.
  • For trucks & busses: Although it can also be used for cars, it is primarily designed for big trucks. It even makes large busses and trucks turn, so that drivers can practice this dangerous situation over and over again. And where could you do that in regular road traffic?
  • For motorbikes: As one of the few centers in Austria, we also make motorcycle drivers sweat with this technology. Within a 50-meter circle module the bikers ride over our slide machine so that the rear wheel receives a small or large lift to the side. But don’t worry: the point of the exercise is to lose the fear of this seemingly dangerous situation. Because with calmness and composure (and without countersteering action) they will notice that their motorcycle remains stable at all times, despite the "stroke".

Of course, the same applies to all: Due to sufficient run-off zones, all exercises are completely safe. And especially in the passenger car sector, our sliding surfaces ensure that there is no noticeable wear on the tires.

So: We provoke over- and understeer – you have the fun and the learning!

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