What do you need for your event? Something special? For hundreds of people or for a few guests only? No problem – we can fulfill all of your wishes:

  • small or big breakfasts
  • lunch and dinner
  • finger food (static or flying)
  • barbecues

We know, it’s nothing special to serve things like this. But it is special that we have three restaurants at our site:
One in our main building, one at the kart-track, and one at the jet-ski lake. Each in a very special environment.
Every event can have the fitting place where the guests come together to eat, drink or celebrate the winners of a competition.

By the way:
Beside our restaurants we also serve beverages and fingerfood directly at the tracks (e.g. at the on-road or off-road).
If it is the request of our client we make it possible.

There is nothing more to say, except: Enjoy your meal!

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