The Speedworld at Driving Camp Pachfurth

Go-kart, quad, atv, cross-buggy, segway, jet-ski, and paintball. Or in other words:
A playground for men and women! And we emphasize: Also for women.

You don‘t believe us?
Then – as an example – look into the eyes of a female kart driver after some laps and you will see the same enthusiasm as in men’s eyes! And then the action starts: The hunt for the fastest lap. At one of the longest kart-tracks in Austria.

By the way: All points of action at the Speedworld and the Driving Camp are within a small perimeter. So when we combine some of the activities the participants can reach all places easily by foot.

As a result we love to offer events with multiple sections. Extraordinary things like jet-ski, exhausting races with kart, atv or cross-buggies, car-training elements, off-road adventures, e-mobility experiences with segways, and/ or sporty elements like paintball.

What do you think? Are you up for something?

Please click the sections below to get more detailed infos. 

Go-Kart Track

One of the largest kart tracks in Austria. High quality karts care for race action at it’s best. A classic in the incentive area but nevertheless still a really great and emotional experience.

Quad Track

Our quads are driving on a gravel track. With computer controlled time keeping. With that the terms for a competition are set – so you can fight your colleagues, clients or whoever is racing beside you.

Cross-Buggy Track

Pure power and extreme low. Plus a roll cage and bucket seat. Of course with a computer controlled timekeeping. How does this sound? Are you up for a race?

Segway Funpark

Segways are very popular but did you ever drive one? In an off-road area? Well, here you can! On a special parcours! Really cool!

Jet-Ski Lake

With 70 hp they are "monsters" in the water. You can tame this machines, but only if you manage to stand on them. Then you get it – the perfect feeling to ride our lake.

ATV Tour

The goal is not the fastest lap but nearly the opposite: To drive through the nature in a relaxed manner. One or two hours of enjoying the powerful ATVs. So: Put on the helmet, button up your overall and let’s drive.

Paintball Park

Yes, paintball can be pure fun. And sport. But it could also be the basis for coachings, an assessment center, a teambuilding, or a training for senior managers. And that on a really huge and diverse area.