Example: Seminar & Drive

You need a good example what an event named “Seminar & Drive” would look like? That means first a workshop, then some great driving experiences. Here you are with an example – with prize and flow.

Customer: Advertising agency
Duration of the seminar: 4 hours
Duration of the driving experience: 4 hours
Number of participants: 20
Number of groups: 1
Costs: approx. EUR 270.- per person incl. catering costs for the seminar (excl. VAT)

In the morning – seminar/ workshop
For your seminar we prepared one or more of our fully equipped seminar rooms. During the breaks our gastronomy gladly serves beverages and high quality fingerfood.

After that – lunch and the start of the driving experiences!

Station 1 – Emergency breaking on different road conditions
What is and how to do a real emergency breaking? To break as fast as possible and as hard as possible to come to a really prompt standstill – on dry, wet, and slippery conditions.

Station 2 – Drive in a “roundabout” with computer controlled road bumps
The Driving Camp has a large kind of a roundabout (diameter: 80 meter), e.i. a never ending curve for our participants. Partly covered with a skid pad which is as slippery as a snowy road. Here a driver easily can exercise over- and understeering – and how to react in such a dangerous situation. With the bumps in between the curve we are even able to trick the electronic stability programme of a car.

Station 3 – Avoiding computer controlled water obstacles
Do you ever encountered water fountains when driving to work? And that on an icy road? Hopefully not! But here at Driving Camp that is quiet normal. Drivers can expect multiple dangerous situations which we can simulate and replicate endless times. So what do the drivers have to do: to break, avoid and find back to the original lane before the obstacles occurred.

Station 4 – The Slide Machine
One of the highlights in every driving training! Because this machine will get your vehicle out of control, i.e. the car will slide and turn around if the driver is not able to react as fast as possible. We promise you: That is not only very impressive even for the most senior drivers but also an experience full of fun.

After these activities with a lot of driving practices we close the day with a real car tournament
In detail: The participants have to drive a route prepared with cones. The first task is to turn around the car in a marked space, then to pass a small corridor and finally break at a certain point. Every “job” needs to be done without touching the cones, not to miss the braking-point and of course, as fast as possible. Regularly not the fastest but the driver with the best overview regarding the route will win the competition. We promise: This tournament is fun and adrenaline for every driver!

A great event is coming to an end with the award ceremony for the best participants.

Be sure: All experiences made during the day will give the guests enough memories for a long time!