Cross-Buggy Track

Pure power, a roll cage and extreme low. On a track of 850 meter. Against the clock and your colleagues. That’s cross buggy! Speed up to overtake and get into the drift – that’s fun!!


  • 850 meter gravel parcours
  • Modern buggies with 15hp
  • Roll cage, bucket seat and race belt system
  • Professional instructors provide safety and fun
  • Computer controlled timekeeping for qualifying and race

We gladly combine cross-buggies with other activities like jet-ski, Segway or car-training.

More key-facts:

  • Regular number of cross buggies: 7
  • Capacity: Up to 35 people per hour possible (in a rotating manner)
  • Equipment: Helmet, overall, and gloves
  • Gastronomy: Possible next to the track, five minutes on foot to the main gastronomy
  • Season: From April till October
  • During the day: Dependent on daylight (no floodlight)

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