Events at Driving Camp Pachfurth

Yes, we have a wide variety of activities, products and services to offer. The only thing you have to do is to tell us your requirements and wishes, so we will provide you an offer especially created for you!

If you are a small company or a big event agency: We offer you the adequate personnel, tracks, vehicles and – not to forget – the best fitting gastronomic services you need.

May be you wish even more services? E.g. to prepare and clean vehicles professionally? Or to build a special website to accredit the guests? Or to erect a tent to enhance our building capacities? We know the best local service providers around due to many years of events in Pachfurth and are happy to recommend them to you!

Please click through the next sections (below) to read about presentations, incentives, schoolings, or teambuildings. So you can learn about events for one small group only or for companies that need the whole area exclusively for a lot of days!

Last but not least:
For events that need experts to manage the automotive part only we gladly offer our services not only at the Driving Camp but in the countries you need us. Because we as the “Friends + Experts GmbH” are happy to fulfill your wishes outside of Pachfurth, too.

Product Presentations

Only a few points: Three halls. A lot of seminar rooms. Many on-road tracks. A huge off-road area. We have these and many more reasons to call our facility perfect to house product presentations.


We have the personnel: Trainer, coaches and event-managers. We have the facilities: Halls, rooms and gastronomy. And we have the activities: Car-training, Go-Kart, off-road …


Want to reward your clients? Or have fun with your team? In an unusual way? Well, here you are …

Training and Schooling

Looking for a new location to train your colleagues? Or your dealers? Or whoever? We have all the necessary facilities to house your training. Plus the great opportunity to do a really motivating side event.


We not only have one restaurant. Nor two. No, we have three of them. To serve food and beverages exactly at the spot our clients are having their event.


The Driving Camp has several prominent possibilities to stage your brand or event motto.

Examples of Events

You need some palpable examples to get a better picture of our services and products? We are pleased so show you some – with different numbers of participants and activities.