Product Presentations

We call ourselves one of the best addresses to present and showcase automotive related products! And we are even a suitable location for events that are rooted in other industries, too.

Yes, we know: You don’t need words, you need facts!

  • How large is the Driving Camp? The Building?
  • What about the halls? The seminar rooms? The in-house equipment?
  • How long are the tracks? What size has the off-road area?
  • What kind of techniques do we offer to name us one of the most modern driving facilities in Europe?
  • Where are we located related to Vienna, Bratislava, the airport, the autobahn or the next big hotels?

Find answers to these questions in our download section here!

So, what do you want? Present your product in a completely new way? Stage your brand in an environment full of emotions? Bring and get together your target group in an event with unexpected experiences?

Then – again – have a look in our download section and ask us for an offer individually provide for you! We are looking forward to it!

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