Roller Path

Highly innovative and something really great for all off-roaders! Our "roller path"!

You will certainly recognize the basic principle from the pictures: You drive on a two-lane track, each equipped with free-running rollers. As soon as you are on these rollers with an off-road vehicle, no propulsion would be possible – all wheels would spin.

There are variable floor plates for one or more wheels, so that one, two or three wheels can run freely. In this way, off-road assistance systems (e.g. differential lock, traction control, traction slip control or differential braking) can be perfectly demonstrated and experienced, as the wheels with traction push the car while all other wheels stand still.

Especially for training and presentations:
The elevated structure is perfect for training participants to study the effects of. In addition, there is enough space around the module for spectators (whether from other cars or on foot) or an additional tent.

Additional technology: The track is adjustable in height in four places!

In this way, an additional entanglement is possible. And last but not least, the track width is adjusted easily.

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