Of course, a circuit completes a driving location! And even though we are not a race track and don’t want to be one we have a small but fine handling track, which also mutates into a wet handling track within seconds at the push of a button.

Beautiful, tight curves, a long straight and more than 1,100 meters in length form a great track profile!

Can you just step on the gas and start on this circuit now? Of course not – as I said: we are not a race track!

But …

  • within an event or training,
  • within a product presentation or even
  • as a co-driver of a professional racing driver (Co-Piloting)

the handling track satisfies our guests on a regular basis. For pleasure and thrill at the same time!

The wet track in particular offers the following: Great drifts, experiencing great acceleration values, testing vehicle qualities such as sportiness and dynamics, cornering stability and much more that the sportsman’s heart desires.

And by the way, of course our motorcyclists are allowed to enjoy the curves – but only at "feel-good" speed!

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