Water Obstacles

Water always plays a big role everywhere at Driving Camp, whether to "smooth" the sliding surfaces or to protect the tires on the asphalt. And even for an impressive picture at the off-road waterfall.

In about 100 cases on the site, however, the water wants more. It virtually shoots towards you as a fountain! As a "soft" water obstacle for cars, motorcycles or vans and – a bit higher – for trucks and coaches!

Completely computer controlled, our trainers use these obstacles as an effective instrument to force our participants to steer, i.e. to avoid the suddenly appearing "opponent" in the traffic. In fact, such a simulation neither damages nor injures the car nor the driver.

Computer-automated obstacles, of course, have the useful side effect that trainers can take even more care of their participants (that’s good!) and don’t have to set up knocked-down pylons (is that laziness?!).

By the way, in the dark the fountains glow from below (that’s nice!).

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