What do you have in mind? To motivate your team? To reward them? Or to thrill and inspire your customers? Or may be your business partners? Guess what: You can do it here! In the Driving Camp Pachfurth!

Imagine an event where we combine off-road, go-kart, ATV, segway, car-tournaments and jet-ski. Plus a great diner after the end of the activities when we also reward the winner team of the day. If for motivation or teambuilding – for sure it provides the perfect condition to distract your people from their daily routine. And that alone can be very worthwhile.

We have big capacities to offer: With five seminar rooms and three halls we easily manage events for 300 people and more.

Again too many words?
Maybe some exemplary events are interesting for you? Or our download section with all plans, graphics, photos and maps? Please go ahead and click on the links.

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