Jet-Ski Lake

Jet-Ski is special. Special fun. Why? Well, how many jet-ski locations do you know in Austria? Usually it is a thing you see at holidays venues only. So: Make yourself comfortable und start your holiday feeling here!

Our personnel will show and explain what you need to know and after only a few minutes you are in the water and start the machine! You need another 5-10 minutes and you will rock the water! What an experience!


– Jet-Ski with 70hp
– Two artificial lakes on 8 hectars
– Nice jet-ski bar (with restaurant) next to the lakes
– Free riding after short briefing through professional advisors

We gladly combine jet-ski with other activities like kart, segway, or off-road

More key-facts:
– Regular number of jet-ski: 5
– Capacity: Up to 25 people per hour possible (in a rotating manner)
– Equipment: Wetsuit and life jacket
– Gastronomy: Next to the lake
– Season: From April till October
– During the day: Dependent on daylight (no floodlight)