Important questions first: How to make the teamwork better? Is it even a team? Which problems do exist between the members? Is it possible to make a team happier and even more effective through concrete actions?

The answers to these questions are vital and should be given before starting any teambuilding event. Through our experience we kindly give you advice to find the best measures to fulfil your goals.

At the Driving Camp our trainers, coaches, and the location itself are central to any nature of teambuilding events:

  • The trainers are pushing your team towards new adventures and challenges to solve them together. E.g. to drive vehicles around obstacles, in a certain time or as fast as possible. Or to help other drivers to manage difficult situations in our off-road area.
  • Coaches could establish a course which need to be driven blindfolded, i.e. the drivers don’t see anything while the co-drivers take the role of the navigator. A great opportunity to analyse communication, hierarchy, and teamwork between two or more people.
  • The Driving Camp offers a huge number of activities to check, analyse, improve and build teams of all sizes and compositions. Car-trainings, go-kart or off-road are only few examples.

We are one of the most manifold event locations in Europe, so we easily can harbour teams from five to hundreds of people. We always will find the fitting activities for them.

We definitely share the opinion that a teambuilding event needs to be seen as an investment – not least to improve the atmosphere inside the team. In the end that should result in the improvement of the company itself.

By the way: A photographer is never a big (cost) deal but regarding the post processing of every teambuilding event really valuable. Because the photos help the emotions lasting longer into the future.

Not yet convinced? May be you have to pay us a visit?! No problem: Give us a hint. And we will welcome you at any time. Or click here for an exemplary teambuilding event.

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