Water, water, water! What you can do with it, you will experience at every corner in the Driving Camp! But sometimes also on a long straight in the form of a "basin"-type track.

The trainer is able to fill this "basin" to different heights via computer control to provoke the infamous "float up". When the driver then hears the instruction "Steer, steer, steer!" over the radio, he experiences being only a passenger in his own car.

But heavy rain seldomly chooses only straight stretches on highways. So at the push of a button we regularly put a curve within our handling track under water – for so-called "transverse aquaplaning". Here, just a few kilometers per hour or a few millimeters of tire profile decide whether the vehicle can still follow the steering wheel or whether the generous run-out zones are used.

Aquaplaning: Spectacular, impressive, educational and also always very wet!

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