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Dear Sir or Madame,

may I EXCEPTIONALLY start with a bit of praise for ourselves?

At the end of September, over 300 international customers of a global car rental company – a German one, by the way – tested around 50 electric vehicles from a wide range of brands. Organized by us, but NOT at driving camp, but at a private airport near Munich. More on this in chapter 1.

At the same time in Pachfurth (Driving Camp):
Journalists from all over Europe were also testing – for a whole week – the latest bells and whistles from a Japanese manufacturer which is primarily known for its all-wheel drive vehicles. They drove on the circuit and in the off-road area, which we converted especially for the customer! Because what didn’t fit … was made to fit. More on this in chapter 2.

Car rental company from Germany and all-wheel drive provider from Japan? Well, which brands are we talking about? Do you know? Don’t worry, we’re not going to turn this into a quiz where anyone can win anything. Perhaps we’re just playing on the industry’s notorious secretiveness? In any case, no confidentiality clause prevents us from doing so, so you can already see some pictures of both events here.

So what’s this navel-gazing from Munich and Pachfurth all about? Well, I would like to lure you to Pachfurth (again?) so that you can experience us and our products live and in color. So nothing virtual or AI, but authentic and REAL experiences with body and soul! Wonderful! More on this in chapter 3.

Thank you for reading this far and maybe we’ll see you soon: whether in Pachfurth or Munich! Or somewhere else anywhere in Europe when you need us as professionals for driving events!

Marco Kessler and the
Friends + Experts Team

"Annual Mobility Session 2023 of Sixt" – Location: Airport Oberschleißheim

What was special about this event?
The event request focused 100% on electromobility, what in terms of location posed certain challenges for us.

But first to the event itself, because that was also a tough one!
A good 100 customers a day were welcomed by the SIXT executive board with a short presentation. This was followed by a keynote speech from racing driver Daniel Abt, including a workshop on e-mobility. Then it was off to the track with really cool three driving stations: Six vehicle brands were there for comparison. The fun was rounded off with a fast-paced "lane change competition" and an opinion poll at the end.

Two mobile charging trucks for fast charging of up to 20 vehicles at the same time!
How much electricity do 50 electric cars actually need for days of continuous use? A lot! Our solution: two big trailers that could charge all vehicles at maximum power for the entire period (but without any external connection!). Including branding, by the way.

Hundreds of pylons and electronic timekeeping were of course no problem for us. Just like our staff on site: an event manager and six trainers, some from our Driving Camp and some from our Cologne office. With Munich as the golden mean, so to speak. By the way, English was the main language, as the customers came from all over.

Click here for the gallery with a guaranteed summer feeling!

Subaru press event – Location: Off-road area & circuit in Pachfurth

At last, real press events again. And then even for over a week. Two sentences that go down like oil after all the corona years.

What was so special about this event?
The new vehicles had to show off their innovations, especially off-road. In addition to sloping hills, gradients of up to 100 (!) percent and the rocky waterfall, the customer wanted other obstacles that didn’t even exist yet – to demonstrate ALL the assistance systems. Said, planned, built! In addition to "humps" (three to four meters high!) with adapted slope angles, our terrain is now also enriched by a small but fine element: we call it the "forward-backward curb deluxe"! Nice name, isn’t it?

On the circuit it was – well – round and round! Fun was the order of the day here. But not only: one spot was regularly blocked because a man PLUS child kept crossing the road. OMG! But don’t worry: both of them were paid for it, because they were dummies, used as moving obstacles via an ingenious system. The purpose: to recognize (and brake in front of) pedestrians in time … and in front of dummies!

In addition to organizing vehicle cleaning, catering, presentation technology, lounge furniture and, of course, the trainers, we turned our event hall into a small oasis. Because 20 extra-high plants created a truly green atmosphere. Note: Thanks to daily care and lots of love, we were able to return all the plants to the supplier healthy and happy after the week.

Our summary: Impressed journalists, happy customers and green fingers included.

Here’s a small but nice event gallery with a jungle atmosphere!

Dear Sir or Madame,
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