Newsletter "Pachfurth is calling: Visit us! Test us!"

Dear Sir or Madame,

yes, the Driving Camp is calling again!
Are you interested in our event highlights from the last two years? Indeed, we had many of them. And may be they can get you some inspiration for your own events this year.

We have summarized "some" of these highlights in a really cool clip, so you can watch them in one go – in around two minutes! Simply click here or click the cover picture.

Of course we have further topics that could be relevant or even exciting for you. E.g. all info about our "handling track"! This is a small but powerful circuit inbetween our on-road modules. More you find in chapter 1.

Or don’t you agree with our point that a circuit could be critical for our events? For example when cars are introduced to their dealers or products to the press? In any case our clients appreciate it a lot!

But let me ask you the other way round: What is really important for you? Enough in-house space? Check! Among other rooms we have three halls. Or many different tracks for on- and off-road? Also check! Get an impressive overview here! Or an area for various side activities? Again: Yes. We have that, too! For details click here.

Sceptical about my last words? Then come and visit us. Or better: Test us! We will organise some hours of driving for you! Plus an inspection to show you our possibilities. More on that in Chapter 3

And chapter 2? Well, it deals with our wide range of services we provide. From the trainer team to our event personell to car service. But here is the point: Your are absolutely welcome to embrace all of our services. OR: You organise them on your own responsibiliy. It is up to you! More in chapter 2.

Do we make it clear? We would be thrilled to welcome you at our Driving Camp soon! Till then all the best from Pachfurth and, of course, also from our office in Cologne.

Christian Thiesen & Marco Kessler
Managing Partners at “Friends + Experts GmbH”  

Our Handling-Track: Small but powerful!

Yes indeed: Powerful! So let’s start with some facts:
– Length: 1,1 km. Not huge but really perfect for regular (but fast) cars!
– Width: Eight meter, or you hit our beautiful curbs.
– Irrigation: Yes, sure!
– Expansible: Also yes, through multiple links to the on-road-modules next to the track.
– Incline: If you want to?! There are different degrees of incline within the lap.
– Plus: Technologies, e.g. low friction surfaces or water-obstacles within the circuit.
– Our record lap: That’s our secret! Here you can follow a round of action in an X-Bow.

We know, a (small) circuit alone is nothing special. Not even as part of a regular Safety Driving Center. But together with eight other onroad tracks, a huge off-road-area and three big halls: Then it is special. Because the Driving Camp is special.

There are some kind of events we mainly need the circuit for: 
– The presentation of new cars. If for the press, customers or dealers, a new vehicle needs to be moved around a handling track.
– The test of components, e.g. tires for busses. The track is then used for pure driving around. Or for activities like braking contests or to proof the fuel saving innovation of the tires.
– To show autonomous driving with many cars moving and communicating on the track at one time.
– To "help" guests getting a bunch of adrenalin while riding with a pro, or to drive themself.
– And not to forget: The main reason for every circuit is always: Fun, fun, fun! 

So: What about your next event? Don’t you need a nice handling track?

Our services: To embrace or not to embrace!

First of all: We provide you everything. If you want to! But we call ourself an "open" event location. Open for our clients to bring their own service provider – for catering, technical equipement, exhibition construction, car handling and cleaning. Or even trainer, coaches and instructors. Such an event would be easy. At least for us!

Otherwise: You are invited to make us work, to get you the best services here around!
– Our personell: Experienced, professional and motivated. They call the Driving Camp their "home" and are adapted to all the specifics in Pachfurth. What do you need? Professional drivers? Instructors for safety trainings? Technical trainers? Coaches for teambuilding or for optimizing workflows and processes?
– The car handling team: They already performed a big number of our events and are perfectly adapted to us. From exhibition-like cleaning to handling the vehicles inside and outside the location.
–  Our technical experts: They are keen to use their newest devices to make our events be at the state of the art. That includes visual, acoustic and other presentational services like stages or room settings.

What we also provide to you:
– The best hotels in Vienna and around.
– Other eventlocations in our region as part of a scenic drive or to have even more activities for your guests, e.g. the "Schärf Coffee World", a real flight simulator from Lufthansa or a few fancy restaurants.

To emphasise it again: We have it all. And we would be glad to offer it to you! But you are also welcome to "only" rent our tracks – and organise all the rest by yourself. It’s your decision!  

You are welcome! To visit us! To test us! For free!  

The Driving Camp is still unknown? But you are planning an event, a schooling, a teambuilding, or a training? In this case: Get to know us soon!   

Get in contact with us to experience a site inspection like this:
Inspection of all event halls, seminar rooms and our restaurants
Outdoor: Trip around to the on-road tracks
Off-Road: Tour across the off-road area
Speedworld: Inspection of the go-kart and quad track, jet-ski lake and paintball area

If you want to: Enjoy the best of our car training. With the slide machine, braking on slippery roads and avoiding computer controlled water fountains.

Please have in mind: Our hotel partners are also eager to show you their houses. So we are able to accommodate you after your stay at the Driving Camp – also for free!

To get your appointment contact us via email:

We are looking forward to meet and welcome you at Driving Camp! 

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