Example: Incentive (Networking)

You need a good example how we do an incentive? Here you are – with prize and flow.

Customer: Service oriented company
Timeframe: 13:00 – 19:00
Number of participants: 50
Number of groups: 4
Costs: approx. EUR 300.- per person (excl. VAT)

Station 1 – Arrival and Welcome:
While enjoying fingerfood from our in-house gastronomy the guests learn the programme of the coming event – as well as the trainers in charge. After that we divide the large group into four smaller groups.

Station 2 – Go-Kart Race:
On our in Austria well known track every group does a qualifying and a race.

Station 3 – Car-Ability Tournament with Timekeeping:
The participants have to drive a route prepared with cones. The first task is to turn around the car in a marked space, then to pass a small corridor and finally break at a certain point. Every “job” needs to be done without touching the cones, not to miss the braking-point and of course, as fast as possible. Regularly not the fastest but the driver with the best overview regarding the route will win the competition. We promise: This tournament is fun and adrenaline for every driver!

After that: Short break with coffee and cake.

Station 4 – Off-Road Experience:
With jeeps through our off-road area?! With incline parts of up to 100%? Up and down? Yes, of course! Plus the special path through our spectacular waterfall. We promise: A really amazing adventure.

Station 5 – A bit of racing on our circuit:
With a real sportscar! Either as co-pilot sitting next to a well-known race driver or even at the steering wheel yourself! Both you won’t forget because it is such an amazing experience. So: You get the adrenaline. We will care for your safety.

Station 6 – Cross-Segway Parcours:
You still don’t know how this vehicle is able to drive with and by you. But it does! At Driving Camp you have them not only on the normal road but in our off-road area as well.

Station 7 – Closing of the Event:
It’s late afternoon and the guests are exhausted … but really happy. And still with plenty of adrenaline! To cool down we serve drinks and some snacks – till the evaluation of the different tournaments are done. With that we can start a fantastic award ceremony with cups engraved with the motto of your event.