Safety Trainings

We provide safety trainings for cars, motorcycles, lorries, trucks, and busses. Conducted by instructors with special skills for every kind of vehicles.

Some examples of the exercises in the training:
– Driving and breaking on large tracks with dry, wet, and slippery roads
– Avoiding computer controlled water fountains on a slippery road
– Driving in an “endless” curve with obstacles
– Emergency breaking on different surfaces
– Experiencing our computer controlled “slide machine”

What if our customers don’t want to take part in a training for the whole day? Well, we gladly take the best parts of the training and add them to other activities like go-kart racing or off-road events.

In the end we are able to combine nearly every kind of elements of our rich portfolio to form an unique package of adventures, emotions, and excitement for every guest here at Driving Camp!

So that’s our unique selling proposition: The large amount of different activities we can offer and combine. All at one place!