Event Branding

The Driving Camp offers multiple possibilities to stage your brand or the subject of your event.

The most important:
Two huge banners at the left and right of the entrance plus two banners (same size) at the side of the building. Size: 5,3 x 2,5m

More ad banners are fixed on the roofs of eleven schooling containers inside the off- and on-road-area.
Size: 1,5 x 3m and 1,5 x 6m

Furthermore we have:

  • 14 flagpoles at the parking area
  • Three flagpoles at the access of our camp
  • A "welcome" and "goodbye" signboard at the gateway of the camp (size: 3000 mm x 1270 mm)
  • Three big ad canvas in our welcome hall
  • Three flat screens in the welcome hall